How much will it cost to transfer a website from one web hosting to another?

Started by Conet, Nov 03, 2022, 02:49 AM

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Hello to everybody.
I write a few on emotions, so I ask you to forgive me. The situation is like this:

I have been working with a hosting provider for several years now - the services are not the cheapest (but also not very expensive), but the quality is worse than ever.
In short, only since the beginning of the month three times my projects are unavailable at the peak of traffic. The comments are always the same unsubscribe "Access to the sites has been restored. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."

Question 1: Recommend a decent hosting provider. Any of their own - at least for study.
Question 2: How much will it cost to transfer 1 project? What are the risks?
Question 3: how much will the global traffic drawdown be - one of the projects is too bad, it's seasonal. The peak is usually in the spring.

With respect to all who responded to this topic.


Look below, I've been working with this hosting for a long time, there are no complaints. At prices, all the norms are inexpensive.
The transfer is free, the sites were transferred more than once - there was no drawdown in traffic, everything was transferred qualitatively. In general, I recommend this is the best hosting for today.

Julio Hancock

If you have access to ftp, then the transfer won't cost a cent, but if you don't have access to file storage, which is not uncommon for junk hosting providers, then there are several options:
1) Purchase ftp access from your old hosting provider.
2) Request a one-time copy.

Regarding inexpensive hosting - Bluehost. The problem with the server crash is due to the fact that the hosting has a limit in hits per day (let's say 10,000 connections).


For the transfer, it is necessary to evaluate and coordinate some points in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.
What is needed to transfer:

1. Access. If you do not have access to the administrative panel, hosting panel, database and domain control panel, you will not be able to transfer the site. Of course, all this information (with the exception of the domain in the control panel) is only available if there is access to the control panel.

2. Information about the site. It is also important to know which CMS is installed on the site. For example, WASS is not affordable, but offers unique hosting and competent technical support. It is also necessary to know the number of visitors, traffic growth trends and the current configuration of the hosting (server).

3. Server rates. You need to start from the rates for tariffs for a dedicated server.

4. Information about the old or new hosting. If you have to choose a hosting, find out at least the hosting parameters. Type of hosting: UNIX hosting, Windows web hosting, VDS/VPS. Technical characteristics: number of domains, number of sites, required disk space, etc.

5. Additional information. For example, if you need a VPS or a dedicated server, you should think about finding an administrator to configure the server or use the services of a specialized hosting provider, if possible.