How to determine the cost of cloud hosting?

Started by arthyk, Aug 24, 2022, 06:26 AM

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arthykTopic starter

I'm wondering how exactly is the charge for using cloud hosting? The provider reports that the billing of the cloud server is determined by the fact of use and gives the cost per hour, there is also a fixed monthly cost. But how will I know how much real time per day the server is used? As far as I understand, popular sites should be used around the clock and pay a fixed price, is that right? ::)

Anthony Brooks

You yourself have answered your own question. There are two types of billing - monthly and hourly. Cloud servers are more reliable and third parties cannot get to them, although it is realistic to put hosting on such a server using DDoS. Hourly pay is charged per hour (logically). You should have an admin panel and there is an item "server uptime" and "active server uptime". It is there that you can find out your balance and the rest of the subtleties.
Who needs hourly pay? Of course, those people who need a server for software testing, emulation and data storage. If the server is to be public, then I recommend paying monthly.