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Started by Emily Evans, Sep 10, 2022, 12:02 AM

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Emily EvansTopic starter

Advise me what is better to take for a loaded website, vps or shared hosting?
My hosting drives me to vps, but I don't understand anything in its settings. What to do?
Yes, I'm thinking of changing the provider to one that has VIP hosting.


You need to look in more detail, maybe you can stay on web hosting, but optimize something, or negotiate with the hosting provider about additional resources.
You can also take a VPS with administration, we will be a little more expensive, but you will feel like on a regular hosting, at least if you take it from us. Contact us, we will give you a discount. And we will do the transfer ourselves.

Serious hosting providers have VIP hosting, where there are fewer clients on the server.

Zhoshua Adrian

When choosing the type of hosting, I would start from what you want to receive and what difficulties you have encountered. What do you mean by "loaded website"? How long does it take for pages to load? Is the ping big? Or is the traffic so high that the server crashes? If the latter, then you need to choose either a dedicated server or vps (it's much more expensive).


A virtual dedicated server is a separate unit that does not depend in any way on neighboring servers installed on the same physical machine.
Web site hosted on the VPS will be located in parallel with other projects that are also stored on this physical server. Each virtual server will have its own production facilities, no data transfer between servers is provided.

Shared hosting assumes the presence of a single server, which is shared by the owners of the sites that rent space there. All resources are divided between projects according to special algorithms.
This usually involves an equal division, but in case of a lack of performance for one project, the server can redistribute resources so that all websites cope with the load as much as possible.

on shared hosting, the number of sites on one tariff account is almost always limited, the more sites you need, the more expensive the tariff is needed, or even you have to take several accounts. If each site has its own account with a separate payment, then of course there are no problems, except for the total cost of the solution.
This manifests itself when you want to place dozens of business card sites at a minimum price, each of which creates a minimum load.
On shared hosting, we rest against the limit of the number of sites per account and as a result we pay more, on VPS you can take the cheapest server and hang at least a hundred sites on it alone, given that their attendance is small and there is nothing heavy in the scripts anyway.