KnownHost Cloud hosting... how does it work?!

Started by evejones, Jun 29, 2022, 11:52 PM

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evejonesTopic starter

Hey guys, I am looking for a way to host a few high traffic websites with high mysql usage (Wordpress sites + other php/mysql software on there that occasionally get spikes in traffic that go 10-20x the regular traffic and push the mysql to its brink sometimes, ending up in "too many connections", etc).

KnownHost Cloud page shows this:
Our Cloud Hosting is built on OpenStack and Storpool using KVM, giving you full kernel control with distributed storage. That means your data is split between many more parallel SSD drives, working in unison, to give you the redundancy of the cloud with the speed of massive parallel architecture.

Does that mean that mysql is distributed among multiple SSDs and won't crap out that easily?

Or am I understanding this completely wrong and that's not how Cloud KVM setup works?

And if this is the case, where 50-100,000 users during a high peak day requesting Wordpress pages that then make dozens of queries each, bogging down the database, would it make more sense to set up a separate server for mysql on its own, and then another one for everything else?

Or do you have any other preferred sort of a setup for high database/mysql usage sites that you can suggest?

I'm really open to anything, whatever works so well that it minimizes the chance of mysql hitting the ceiling, even with the my.cnf config settings cranked up as high as possible while keeping it stable...

Any sort of load balancing cloud hosting option that automatically scales up or down as needed, depending on traffic and requests that would solve my issues above?



I believe that is just the storage -- however asking the host's support directly would be the best option as only they would know best how their platform is designed and setup. If you are having peaks of load as you said you can try to offload MYSQL onto it's own server.. or perhaps explore DBaaS..
 I know digitalocean offers this and the only reason I mention it is because I use DO for my personal projects.. however have never used their DBaaS.


The best option would be to contact the support service. I think they know why there are such loads. It is possible that loads occur due to unforeseen circumstances, which can only be solved by the host support service.


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