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Started by Seattle, Sep 26, 2022, 12:54 AM

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Hello forum users.
Advise me an alternative to ms exchange cloud hosting. MS gives me what I need, but it comes out very expensive ($12.5/use)
The goal is to take control of all (or available) incoming and outgoing mail. Convenient administration (right now we are sitting on a Google freebie, admin panel = 0). Spam protection. Content filters, etc.

under control I mean, for example:
- hidden redirection of all incoming
- hidden redirection of all outgoing
- - group setting of the UZ (for example, to unscrew, redirect, etc.)
- filtering by keywords in the topic \ in the script
- filtering by attached files (doc, pdf, bat, exe..)


We are now moving to Google's Gsute in the company.
There are pros and cons of course.

1. Everything seems to be convenient, but the functionality is certainly less
2. There were difficulties with the routing of emails
3. You have to duplicate the mail

And so it seems to be cheaper.


Ubuntu Servers:
This is a very reliable solution for hosting your own collaboration software internally. Before you get too excited, you should know that Ubuntu Server doesn't have a GUI (graphical user interface).
You will need to know how to configure it from the command line, which can be a bit tricky even for experienced Linux users. All of this suggests that for those who want a cost-effective way to offer messaging and other collaboration software features, Ubuntu Server is suitable for those who can properly configure and maintain it.

OX Application Package (Open Xchange):
The OX Slot Machine Application Package can manage messaging and collaboration for small groups and large enterprises with thousands of employees. It is designed for SaaS, cloud or on-premises deployment.
Customers will be able to access through any modern browser or device with Internet access. Since this is a white label collaboration software, you can easily integrate your company's branding. With open standards and powerful APIs, it's easy to get the OX App Suite to do whatever you need.

Zimbra has been around for some time and is a reliable open source solution for group software. Mozilla, Comcast, Titleist and Dell are just some of the big companies using Zimbra for messaging and collaboration. Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.5 can also be hosted on them, so you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining yourself. Hosting solutions for group work may cost more, but in some cases they can really reduce your overall costs.

Google Apps for Business:
Working with Us Google Apps for Business, you get the power and security of Gmail for all your employees in addition to all other business applications they have, such as calendars, shared file storage and much, much more.
In most cases, you'll be looking at a cost of about $5 per user. On the other hand, you will have to trust Google with your company's data. In some industries, this is not possible - even with the Google Do No Evil motto.

Kerio Connect:
Another strong competitor when it comes to alternatives to Microsoft Exchange Server is Kerio Connect, which you can install on-site or run from the cloud. In any case, you will get a basic but convenient software for group work, which is easy to administer and which has a low cost per user.
The main reason is the simplicity of the software. You won't be able to do as much as you could with Exchange Server, but for many companies this is not an obstacle, especially if you consider the lower cost.