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Started by alex.thomson, Aug 18, 2022, 03:20 AM

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alex.thomsonTopic starter

Hello everybody, I need the help of smart people.

So now we are thinking about new project. It is necessary to know the configuration of the server that is suitable for this case, please tell me. So the tasks are as follows: the website will have a lot of music and several tens of thousands of users a day, of which 10 percent download this music.

Thanks in advance.


Audience in the context - hits / minute (since 32000 / day, maybe in 12 hours or maybe 4200 / hour), what is the peak moment? Just do not take the median daily (32000/24) it will be wrong.
The same applies to those 10% who will download.

I recommend to take the server on two Xeon. maybe not even one core in each.
SAS disks. and the main thing is to clarify with the hosting provider - whether he will place the server on which the stolen mp3 will be placed.