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Started by harrisonford265, Oct 24, 2022, 12:30 AM

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harrisonford265Topic starter

Please advise web hosting of cloud servers, where the payment is hourly for a working server.
Now I use infobox (service- cloud servers), but it is often buggy. Maybe somebody knows. Preferably with a location in Europe and the USA. Thanks.
Once again, my apologies, thank you for your help.


Hourly? Man, hosting is not a prostitute! What kind of  web hosting will it be, vps for an hour hundred, if with VNC then 150, sh separately we will agree, depending on how many of your friends will connect at the same time. So what is it?

Microsoft azure, especially since the first 3 months are free. If geotargeting addresses in the USA does not bother, then the best solution.
Also look at Amazon Web Services, although there is hardly an hourly one there.

The cost of cloud web services is slightly higher, but you will be able to flexibly select the configuration for your needs, scale in one click and pay only for the power consumed.
Cloud infrastructure is more reliable, it has high availability and security. This is the best option for large businesses, as well as for companies with fluctuating power consumption.


And what is the point of hourly payment? It will be much higher than monthly. If you do not expect a large load - maybe you should take cheaper server services, the market offers a wide range of prices.