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Started by lalmazl, Jun 26, 2022, 11:57 AM

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Did anybody tried using local server for running windows, IIS, CP but placing all the websites on onedrive and using their bandwidth and speed?

Pure cloud is thing of the past, local machine + cloud storage like onedrive is future of hosting that can bring down the prices a lot.

Any ideas how to set it up?

I do have one test site on local machine with limited upload speed to 2mbs but I do manage to use it through onedrive with speeds of over 3gbs. With some more work I am sure that even dial-up modem with physical servers 15 years old will work much faster then most of well known cloud hosting services now. In fact you can get 5 times better service for 75% lower prices.

Thanks for commenting.

I used Amazon cloud and 15 years old laptop (not server but 300€ 15 years old laptop) and currently results are sometimes even better then Amazon cloud.

Thanks for comments


What you describe though technically possible and would work, would be slow at load - though local caching may help.
ASP, php, etc script execution will be slow because IO will go over the network, over the Internet to onedrive, and back for each and every file -- and scripts do a lot of including of other files
Static content (images, css, js, etc) would download to the local machine and then out to the visitor -- increasing your overall traffic by double for each and every file
Again, local caching would help but even DFS like Ceph with local cache, they say to have at least 10 Gbps connection to the storage on a dedicated link.


I gather you haven't tested this from outside your own local network?
If you did your results would be painfully slow.
If you have no need for cloud services load balancing ETC I would suggest just using shared hosting.

No well known or reputable provider would ever suggest running production environments on a Desktop PC or local server connected to the internet, by Hybrid they mean servers hosted in DataCentres or in some limited cases it will be things like Microsoft Azure Stack devices hosted in a facility properly managed by an IT department in an Air conditioned room with limited access by staff.


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