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Started by Seattle, Sep 26, 2022, 12:54 AM

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Hello forum users.
Advise me an alternative to ms exchange cloud hosting. MS gives me what I need, but it comes out very expensive ($12.5/use)
The goal is to take control of all (or available) incoming and outgoing mail. Convenient administration (right now we are sitting on a Google freebie, admin panel = 0). Spam protection. Content filters, etc.

under control I mean, for example:
- hidden redirection of all incoming
- hidden redirection of all outgoing
- - group setting of the UZ (for example, to unscrew, redirect, etc.)
- filtering by keywords in the topic \ in the script
- filtering by attached files (doc, pdf, bat, exe..)


We are now moving to Google's Gsute in the company.
There are pros and cons of course.

1. Everything seems to be convenient, but the functionality is certainly less
2. There were difficulties with the routing of emails
3. You have to duplicate the mail

And so it seems to be cheaper.