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Started by klara, Aug 19, 2022, 08:32 AM

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klaraTopic starter

Advise, please good hosting.
1) inexpensive. Price/quality ratio
2) for a weblog
3) easily from the control panel (on the website) install WordPress
4) register (buy) a domain name on the same website (I know what you will say, it's bad to keep eggs in one basket..)


I use zomro for some projects, a fairly good hosting provider, ideal for small projects.
For 4 months of work there were no special problems with it, the speed of loading sites pleases.
Give 10 days for the test.
There is auto-installation of engines, free certificates, the ability to register a domain name.

Everything depends on the correct selection of hosting provider: the speed and stability of work, security and uptime without failures.

We have encountered such a problem that the website suddenly starts to open slowly for no apparent reason. The DB is overloaded with requests and our site is denied. They gave an advertisement and suddenly the site does not withstand the load and does not allow future buyers to enter. Of course, we were very upset, lost money and annoyed at cheap hosting. We reviewed various solutions and settled on hosting.

Changed the hosting provider, after that everything is stable. We chose hosting here and were satisfied.
Conclusion, it's not always cheap - it's quality.


I use DigitalOcean myself. Very easy to set up. From $4 (512MB RAM, 10GB SSD), and the billing is hourly (if you don't need a server for a whole month, you can just delete it).


On the WordPress platform, you can conveniently and inexpensively run your blog. Initially, WordPress was designed for blogs. If you are not familiar with it, go to their official website, they will give you a free trial for a while. Lots of  useful plugins and easy to navigate.

Anthony Brooks

I recommend you use services. Here you can register a name and choose hosting for your purposes. The price starts a little higher than the most budget options, but it has a lot of advantages - from free ssl to popular cms with a good user support system.


Unfortunately no one is even close to Google and no one will refuse it, only their main search page is worth, Yandex is good but you have to go everywhere and poke around in the glory... Yandex is nice, but you have to climb all over the place and poke around... but that's if you understand where and how things should be, and how you're more comfortable, and making the main search page blank is something else..., a great achievement... and then you can bring the convenience of Google... It is a pity that the website builder is gone, and the documents are so-so, as well as many others, but still Yandex has its strong points, and they are not few... and as an alternative to google quite fit and somewhere even better