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Started by arthyk, Nov 13, 2022, 12:16 PM

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arthykTopic starter

I heard about such an interesting feature of cloud hosting as automatic scaling. Forum users, tell me how it really works if I have a training site where I sometimes conduct video tutorials with an active real-time chat? That is, my minimum 1 core and 1 GB of memory may not be enough? Or was the choice of cloud hosting in my case a mistake? I just suspect that for the number of users that connects, my hardware configuration should always be enough, the rest are random "observers" and I don't need them. :(

Bob Bigelou

To answer the question of the ability or not, let's first talk about autoscaling in cloud hosting.
Firstly, the automatic scaling function is not available everywhere and is not always free, secondly, this function allows visitors and the site owner to use only as many resources as they need for the normal operation of the site, and thirdly, it all depends on the amount of traffic.
If this function is enabled for you (I manually configured it), then, for example, under normal conditions, your "traffic" consumes up to 520 MB of RAM at the same time, and with the start of video broadcasting, this number will increase to 1 GB. If the broadcast only allows you to chat, then this is not so critical, especially with the number of simultaneous connections up to 100 people, and if there are a lot of users, then this value may not be enough for you. Do not count, if you have a server with 1 GB of RAM with 1 core, then 1 more will appear from the air. This function is designed for those who pay after the fact - for using the server's capacity.