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Started by Connon Bootman, Jul 30, 2022, 01:26 AM

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Hello. I have been working with the cPanel control panel for a long time. I recently tried ISPmanager. Comparing these two panels, I came to the conclusion that cPanel loses to ISP in terms of speed at times, although it is easier to navigate. The other day I also heard about Plesk and DirectAdmin.
Tell me, those who used all the panels, which one do you think is the best in terms of speed and functionality.


From my proper practice, I will affirm that the most uneasy Plesk panel, ISPmanager is seldom used on shared hosting, it is more relevant for VDS/VPS servers. Cpanel is very actively used on West. My prefferenceof choice of hosting control panel is as follows: ISPmanager; DirectAdmin; cPanel (old version); Plesk.
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Good day!! If I rank the hosting control panels, the sequence would be: ISPmanager; cPanel; Plesk Panel ; Direct admin. I  prefect the control panel for a work of the hosting is ISPmanager.