Through which companies do I work with cloud hosting?

Started by goppog4334, Jul 12, 2022, 04:27 PM

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Basically I work through three companies such as:
1) (most often)
2) (slightly less often)
3) (very rare)


The best option is to look at the available clouds and select 3-4 with the most suitable conditions at once, this will make it possible to create backup databases. Of course, each cloud claims the highest level of protection, but anything happens.


8) If cloud storage is needed, then I see the most attractive (in terms of volume) (in 2022): Mega, Google Drive, IceDrive. As for hosting, I personally work with DreamHost as the best for developers!


Liquid Web offers cloud web hosting for almost any needs. Among the tariff plans:
WordPress and WooCommerce Cloud Hosting
Cloud VPS hosting
Dedicated cloud hosting
VMware Private Cloud
Liquid Web hosting plans cannot be called cheap, and if you have a limited budget, then you can choose a managed cloud web  hosting for a single WordPress-based site. There are no long-term subscriptions here, so you can pay every month without overpaying for services.
Moreover, unlike other web hosting companies,
Liquid Web will not charge you an additional fee and will not freeze the provision of services to you if you go beyond the amount of data allocated per month. The hosting staff will contact you to discuss the new terms, but at that time your web site will also be available as before. If that is just an accidental excess of traffic, then you will be able to stay on your usual tariff plan.

FastComet hosting services are provided on the basis of its own FastCloud cloud, so there are bonuses such as free backup, free data transfer from the domain, accelerated web site migration services. The service also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee for shared web  hosting tariff plans and a seven-day money-back guarantee for VPS plans.
FastComet with cloud VPS is fully managed, so everything from setup and updates to data backup will be done for you.
These tariff plans have a fixed amount of resources, but even if you exceed your monthly network bandwidth limits, the service will not freeze the maintenance of your web site. You will simply be offered to switch to a more advanced tariff plan if you constantly exceed the required amount of resources.

The SiteGround service is well known for its shared web  hosting plans and excellent performance, but it also offers cloud solutions, including fully managed ones. It is worth noting that the tariff plans of cloud hosting from SiteGround cannot be called cheap, but if you need cloud web hosting, and at the same time you do not want to do all the difficult work yourself, then that hosting will be a good choice.
SiteGround's own control panel, called Site Tools (available only in English, Spanish and Italian), is also used in all plans for shared web hosting. In addition, if you already have a site, the technical support team will be able to transfer it to your new cloud server within a few hours, free of charge and without failures.
Daily data backup is also included in the tariff plan, and free SSL certificates are automatically installed on each domain linked to your account.