What is a cloud server

Started by Jordan, Aug 02, 2022, 12:51 PM

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JordanTopic starter

Cloud server is a modern representation of VPS on KVM virtualization, based on the latest technical and software solutions. The main advantages of cloud servers are high speed and reliability. Unlike VPS, cloud servers have an hourly fee, which allows you to pay for the rental of a virtual machine only when you use it. 8)

Jacques Chapman

Part of your statement is true, but the hourly cloud is used much less often now - the seemingly small hourly payment is often more expensive.
If we are talking about the usual storage of data in the cloud, then perhaps hourly and more economical (but there is still a monthly payment), but for cooperatives, a cloud based on VMware is still more profitable. In any case, you should use only the cloud where there is a Veeam system (a system for resuming data after a "crash" on the server or at the host).