What is the difference between cloud hosting and simple hosting?

Started by GalaxyS777, Oct 06, 2022, 04:18 AM

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 Hello, what is the difference between simple hosting and cloud hosting. As I understand it, and I will explain with my opinion simple.
VPS hosting is isolated, that is, it is a confidential hosting, which is a closed channel. And cloud hosting is open hosting, which is suitable for some sites where there are two types, it is private and public, where in the first option, encryption data protection is very strong. What other differences do you know between cloud hosting and regular hosting?


Cloud hosting is a service that consists in cloud resources as a platform for hosting data, services and / or solutions. In many ways, a cloud server works similarly to a VDS – it also uses virtual resources, but there are significant differences.


Cloud hosting is distinguished primarily by scalability and increased reliability. For example, if you have any malicious activity on neighboring sites with the simplest type of hosting, this can most likely affect your site as well; in the cloud, such influence of neighbors is excluded. Also, in cloud hosting, you should not be afraid of peak loads on the server, since the site's resources are distributed over several virtual servers and are automatically allocated at any time, which eliminates the "congestion" or "unavailability" of the site. 8)


Shared hosting is great for hosting multiple web sites that require common settings for email, forwarding, DNS management, FTP, and database services. Cloud hosting services are more developer-oriented and can be a great option for hosting applications or websites for specific purposes.
Due to the nature of both services, they usually work well together. For example, to host a website and an application at the same time, or to manage a website that connects to the store. What's even better is that today most companies can offer both services at the same time.

To sum up the advantages of cloud hosting, you can create your own configurations, you control the resources you access, and you can even suspend resources to cut costs.
The only real disadvantage here is that resources usually cost more than with virtual hosting.
With virtual hosting, you get the best balance of services that are best suited for websites, and services are generally cheaper than cloud hosting. But, the disadvantage is that you cannot control resources, start or stop services, as with cloud hosting.