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Started by nathancs, Jan 13, 2023, 12:58 AM

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nathancsTopic starter

Tell me what the requirements should be when choosing a hosting for a Bulletin Board. What type and how much hosting will be required to place a Board for 300-500 thousand ads ? (like )
What can be the cost of such Hosting (to understand what order of numbers can we talk about)?


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This is the basic information, you can take information from the site to view the ad. You can write something of your own.
Also, collect a report on the work done in the form of links from the resources where you will be hosted, the resources for placement should be thematic, roughly speaking,
where this service can be useful, and not at all in a row, register on forums and hosting rating services, as well as on various bulletin boards only thematic and not everyone in a row, save the password and login about the lc of the resource and the link to the topic with the placement.


I have 37 bulletin boards + 1 landing page on gino's hosting.
The only discomfort I felt was due to the limitations of the number of files. Payment per year is somewhere about $50. In terms of performance, etc., I don't know yet, because the boards are narrowly focused. Loads are not expected to be large, so I'm not worried.