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Started by expointer, Oct 08, 2022, 04:19 AM

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Good day!
We are glad to introduce ABCD.Hosting to the respected users of this forum.

A little about us:
ABCD.Hosting provides web hosting services for all types of sites on VDS and dedicated servers in Europe. At the moment, you can order dedicated servers and VDS from us in the OVH Data Center (France and Canada). All services have basic protection against DDoS attacks.
The protection extends to Layer 2-4 attacks of the OSI model (up to 780 Gbit/s). To manage VDS, we have our own control panel that works through the API. We have partner status with OVH and many other providers.

We do not require documents and proof of identity to use our services, unlike OVH. We have all the necessary payment methods:  PayPal and Bank Cards.

Learn more about tariffs.

VPS\VDS servers:
Our VDS servers are located in France/Canada (dc ovh). KVM virtualization. Access to the server's own control panel is provided.
The minimum price for a VDS server is $5/month for 2 GB RAM and 10 GB SSD.
More details about VDS servers:

Dedicated servers:
Core i5-750 | 4 cores / 4 threads | 2.67 GHz+ | 16 GB RAM | 2 TB SATA | 100 Mbps (OVH Anti-DDoS) = $30/month (+ one-time payment of $15 per installation)
Full list of tariff plans for dedicated servers:

We offer various software necessary for reliable operation and configuration of your server. You can buy control panels, virtualization systems, operating systems, as well as other programs at favorable prices from us.
More details about Software Licenses:

Technical support is provided through your Personal Account and E-mail.

Ask questions in this topic, We are always ready to answer them.
This topic will be the official topic of ABCD.Hosting on this forum. News and promotions will be published here, stay tuned!

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Our website:
Personal account:
Technical support service: