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Started by expointer, Oct 18, 2022, 03:51 AM

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Good day for all!
Promo codes for various FoxCloud services will be posted in this topic.
You can follow long-term promotions on our website -

⏰ VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6 ⏰

We are glad to present you a new service designed to replace virtual hosting in the form in which you are used to seeing it.
A professional solution will help you solve many tasks quickly, simply and as professionally as possible.

Everything you need to know about VPS hosting with ISPmanager 6
💥 💥 💥
This is an ideal way to host your website with the ISPmanager 6 control panel. We have combined the simplicity of the usual hosting and the reliability of cloud VPS.

ISPmanager 6 is a new version of the popular server control panel from ISPsystem.
Thanks to its intuitive interface and excellent functionality, it quickly gained popularity. It allows you to perform all the necessary actions to ensure the operation of web sites, mailboxes, quick configuration of PHP of the desired version and modules using a visual interface, creation of incremental backups.

🛒 🛒 Prices for Dedicated Servers with ISPmanager 6: 🛒 🛒

CPU 2 Cores - RAM 4 GB - SSD 50 GB + ISPmanager 6 Lite - Cost per month 14.4 USD 💣
CPU 4 Cores - RAM 8 GB - SSD 100 GB + ISPmanager 6 Lite - Cost per month 33 USD 💣
CPU 6 Cores- RAM 12 GB - SSD 150 GB + ISPmanager 6 Lite - Cost per month 52 USD 💣

You can read more and order the product below: