Specializing in DDoS Protection since 2011 (Online Games, Streaming, Voice, Web

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Specializing in DDoS Protection since 2011 (Online Games, Streaming, Voice, Web Apps.)
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Dear, WHT Community.

We are specializing in DDoS Protection since 2011, with extensive knowledge in:

Online Games
Web Applications

Are you tired from trying to be DDoS Protected in other companies ? We can work with this together, and help you to achieve the desired stability in your business. If it don't work, then don't worry, we'll refund your payment within 7 days of your purchase. However, we're indeed looking for long term customers, so if you need a partner for your projects, you can count on us.

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What should I do if DDoS came?
The traditional technique of self—defense is to read the HTTP server log file, write a pattern for grep (catching bot requests) and ban everybody  who falls under it. That technique will work... if you're lucky. There are two types of botnets, both are dangerous, but in different ways. One completely comes to the site instantly, the other — gradually.
The first one kills everything at once, but the logs appear completely, and if you trigger them and ban all IP addresses, then you are the winner. The second botnet puts the site gently and carefully, but you may have to ban it for a day. It is important for any administrator to understand: if you plan to fight grep, then you need to be ready to devote a couple of days to fighting the attack. Below are tips on where you can put straws in advance so that it doesn't hurt so much to fall.