Hosting with DDOS protection

Started by xerbotdev, Sep 27, 2022, 03:39 AM

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Virtual web servers with protection from Ddos attacks, from $ 150
, This service is based on Level 3 protection level servers. Tariff plans differ only in the amount of resources allocated for web site.
The protection is implemented on the basis of server equipment and filtering software of its own design.

Dedicated servers with DDOS attack protection, from $450
      Currently, the servers are available at sites in America, Germany, Luxembourg, France, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
Dedicated servers with unlimited 1000 Mb\s port, available in Ukraine and France. For all servers, client content is backed up to an independent datacenter.
Tunneling from $50
           This service is a redirection of DDOS traffic to our web servers, followed by its return to your node completely cleared of parasitic packets.
This type of protection is the most acceptable for stopping attacks of any intensity as quickly as possible.

A very flexible discount system!