VPS and VDS in Europe. SSD/XEN from $2

Started by tamilabi, Nov 07, 2022, 02:16 AM

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We bring to your attention the collocation and hosting of VPS, VDS and Cloud, as well as Dedicated servers in Europe!
The ideal location of the datacenter and an individual approach to each client.
This offer is unique in terms of the level and set of services provided.

Basing servers and network in Zurich, Switzerland, Cloudcom is pleased to offer you the services of Dedicated and Virtual servers in the heart of Europe, as well as the services of colocation and hosting their servers in a state that is not a member of the European Union. Zurich is a major European Internet center, with a very low connection latency.
Dedicated and virtual servers in Switzerland are the perfect hosting solution for those looking for privacy and stability.

Our data center meets all modern safety and reliability requirements, as well as environmental standards of Switzerland.
The data protection system developed by us and protection against DDoS attacks can be enabled all the time using any hosting service, or on request for any hosting-based service.

Thanks to the expansion of bandwidth and DDoS protection equipment, our hosting is able to provide guaranteed protection against DDoS attacks up to 400 gigabits per second.

Backbone class equipment, proprietary data protection solutions, redundant network and reliable Tier-1 IP Transit partners allow us to achieve Uptime of more than 99.99%, providing minimal delays and impressive performance of connection speed with the global network.

The services provided by our hosting include Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers. Cloud servers and cloud hosting, Remote and local protection against DDOS attacks, a content delivery (and distribution) Network – CDN, BitSync servers, as well as services for collocation of your servers in our data exchange center located in a technologically advanced and modern building near Zurich airport.

A little more about the products we offer.
VPS. Virtual server in Europe.


Virtual servers from 2 euros per month!
Almost a normal virtual server, but 10 times faster.

SSD storage will provide you with the best speed and efficiency of virtual hosting. We use the latest SSD storage and server technologies based on Intel processors. Each virtual server is connected to a port with a bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second.
We are also pleased to offer all VPS clients protection against DDOS attacks to each server for a small surcharge.

Special offer virtual server


2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon 1 Core

512 MB memory

20 GB storage

1 TB of traffic

10 GbE network

2.84 euros per month

Cloud server for free.
We offer a free trial period of one week for each cloud server.

The cloud will allow you to create an unlimited number of virtual machines (VPS) inside your server infrastructure. Thanks to the fast and reliable storage, your data and all installations of the operating system and software on the server can be done in a matter of seconds using more than 200 images of jumpbox and an administrative panel compatible with any device, including mobile.

Each server is connected to a port of 10 gigabits per second and includes 15 terabytes of traffic and regular backups at the client's choice.
All configurations starting from CLOUD-V2 include automatic protection against DDOS attacks in the price.


Special offer for cloud server configuration
Create your own individual configuration of a cloud server with a low cost from 55 euros per month.


Dedicated server in Europe.
Each dedicated server is the latest server from the leader of server technologies "Supermicro", based on Intel multi-core processors and high-quality components, SSD and SAS storage and with high-speed DDR3 memory. Dedicated servers are connected to 1 gigabit per second ports and can also be connected to a DDOS-protected network created in our data center specifically to repel attacks up to 400 gigabits per second.


Special offer for the configuration of dedicated server storage:

Storage F

Processor: 2 x E5606 Intel Xeon 2.13 GHz

Cores: 8

Memory: 24 GB DDR3-1600 REG/ECC

Storage: 24 x 2 TB SAS2 and 2 x 500 GB

RAID: 3 x 8 SAS

Adaptec HBA

Traffic volume: 15,000 GB (1 Gb Ethernet network connection for each Dedicated Server)

DDoS protection: 10 gb/s – 4mpps free automatic DDOS protection

1999 euros per month

Example of a dedicated server configuration:
Magma Q

Processor: E3-1270V2 Intel Xeon 3.5 GHz

Cores: 4 8 HT

Memory: 32 GB DDR3-1333 VLP ECC

Disk: 2 x 4 TB SATA 3

RAID: Internal Adaptec / Intel

Traffic volume, GB: 15,000 GB

(1 Gb Ethernet network connection for each Dedicated Server)

DDoS protection: free 10 gb/s - 4mpps

212 euros per month

Supermicro SuperSBB Cluster-in-a-Box is a reliable solution from a cluster of two or more servers for organizing a highly accessible data storage system without a single point of failure. After the installation, which will take no more than 10 minutes, you will be able to deploy NFS/SMB/iSCSI storage. This cluster is delivered in an installed form, ready for use.

Hot swap support for all active cluster components - including disk controllers, power supply and disk drives.
Ready to use - comes pre-installed with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 and activated clustering settings for all nodes in the system.

High-performance with a multi-level storage system (HDD+SSD) - includes 4 SAS2 SSD drives to ensure the highest performance using the Storage Tiers function in the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 operating system.

Native integration with Active Directory - provides fast and easy management in the conditions of the existing architecture based on Windows Server.

Easy upgrade - Built-in SAS2 expansion ports allow you to easily connect up to 4 expansion nodes, each of which supports up to 16 3.5" SAS2/SATA3 disks.

With a SuperSBB cluster, you get access to such convenient tools as:
Deduplication of data and Data Space - to maximize the use of opportunities.

Multi-level storage (Tiers), SMB Direct with RDMA support and automatic detection of compatible RDMA equipment, LAN aggregation - for maximum performance.
The latest version of the Failover Clustering protocol and the functionality of Hyper-V virtual machines - for impeccable reliability.

Available configurations:
Cluster-2N: 2 identical nodes, each with the specified configuration, operating in high availability mode.
Read the specification "
Option: expansion to 400 TB.

Processor Core Memory Disk RAID Price per month
Cluster 2N 2 x E5-2403 v2 Intel Xeon 1.80 GHz 8 64 GB DDR3-1600 REG/ECC 20 x 1 TB SAS2 4 x 200 GB SSD 2308 LSI SAS2 1859.36 EUR

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High-quality virtual and dedicated servers in Europe with protection against DDOS attacks.