CorporateColo in LAX closing - options?

Started by natmir, Jun 22, 2022, 11:21 AM

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natmirTopic starter is closing, I was just informed that I need to move out all my equipment and that IP services will stop June 15th 2022.

Does anyone have any recommendations, doany reputable providers in Los Angeles willing to price match or beat a competitor's price? My needs are fairly small 1/4 cab, 10 amps, /25 IPv4.


Would make sense, we seen they filed for bankruptcy last year.
Was able to find the documents here.

Interesting that they never tried to bring other customers to their other location / business. But I guess that could also be something under the legal lines they couldn't do.

Not sure how many clients they have in LA, we looked into using them many many years ago and ended up not going with them.


Sad to hear that CorporateColo is going out of business. they were a wonderful company. I hope everyone gets there equipment out before the closure.


I myself used the services of this supplier and now I need to look for a replacement. Can anyone advise me on an alternative in Los Angeles? Thanks in advance.


I also need:
The need for a dedicated server in Los Angeles with the following requirements:

Xeon E3
RAID SSD drives 10
1 Gb port
8 TB of traffic
/ 28 IP
A good connection to Asia.