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Started by neelseofast, Jul 24, 2022, 12:48 PM

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Hi. There are the following server settings: server CPU, server RAM.
I just can't understand which of these characteristics affects how reliably the site will hold the load ...
Help me please)

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You are asking the wrong question. No specifics at all.
Which sites are on the host, used by cms, what else do you plan to place on the server. Basically, under almost any website, you need to look at more than one characteristic. And then look at the RAM.

CPU is mainly used for processing scripts, and if everything is optimized, then this characteristic will not particularly affect, especially on a lightly loaded project.
But there are never enough RAM, especially with the growth of visitors.
Only tests will help you. It is crucial to trace in a real situation of loading.


Hosting Parameters: what to consider when choosing:
First of all, when choosing a web hosting, you need to pay attention to the following points:

the amount of disk space provided for hosting the site;
software stack and tools for site management;
organization of technical support of the hosting provider;
the ratio of cost / quality of hosting services.
The amount of disk space is currently a very inexpensive resource, so it is realistic to choose such tariff plans on which hosting providers allocate it in excess. Scripts usually take up a small amount of disk space. The main place is used by media content: images and video files. Therefore, if you have a business card website or an electronic store with a small number of products, 1 GB of hard disk space will be enough to host web site.

Disk drive type — there are three types: HDD, SSD and NVMe SSD.

HDD is the oldest and slowest version of disks, but at the same time the price of one gigabyte is the lowest. This type of data storage should be chosen if the speed of access to information does not matter and the volume is more important.

SSD drives of this type are 4-5 times faster compared to HDD. This is especially true when reading small files. A place on them is more expensive. SSDs are most often used on servers due to the compatible connection interface with HDD drives and economical power consumption. For example, to increase the loading speed of sites on old virtual hosting servers, during the year FREEhost.UA replaced all HDD drives with SSD. After that, web site loading speed increased 1.5-2 times.

NVMe SSD is the most productive type of disks. The speed advantage compared to HDD reaches 10-12 times. However, this is the most expensive type of media. Additional hardware is required to connect it to the server, so NVMe SSDs are less common. It is advisable to use such disks in places where speed is a priority. For example, on database servers.

The central processor (CPU) and the number of allocated cores — there is no such indicator for inexpensive virtual web hosting, it can be found on business hosting. Typically, the CPU is characterized by the frequency of the processor on the server and the presence of dedicated cores. The higher the processor frequency, the faster the operation is performed.
If dedicated processor cores are not specified, processor time is shared among all server users. Therefore, if a neighbor on the server uses the processor too actively, the rest of the server sites will work slower.

The region where the provider's servers are located — if the target audience of web site is located in Ukraine, it is not necessary to place the project on servers in the USA. The greater the distance from the visitor to the server, the slower the site will load. For search engines, the location of the server helps to determine the region to which the project belongs.

Next, you should pay attention to the tools and software stack that web hosting provider provides to you, namely:

Unlimited traffic for your web project
Traffic is the amount of information that can be transmitted and received by the server where web site is hosted. For a small corporate site, this parameter can be ignored, but for large projects it can be quite important. Additional traffic will either be provided for an additional fee, or the access speed will be limited after reaching the limit.

Support for the required software stack

Standard virtual web hosting usually supports the following technologies: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, phpMyAdmin. This is enough to host a site created on such popular CMS as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, 1C-Bitrix. Sometimes a site may have specific requirements, for example, a Python programming language is needed, or a RabbitMQ message broker, or a specific set of PHP modules is needed. Therefore, before choosing a hosting, you should familiarize yourself with the technical requirements of the software product hosted on the hosting.

Access to web site via FTP and SSH
FTP is a standard method of working with files on web hosting. You can use an FTP client or webftp for it.

SSH and SFTP are used by more advanced users. These protocols allow you to work with files directly on the server. Using SSH, you can perform additional configuration and installation of programs inside your virtual environment.

Here it is worth paying attention to the number and size of mailboxes, as well as the protocols by which you can work with mail. POP3 and SMTP are standard protocols for receiving and sending mail. It is convenient that there is also an IMAP. Unlike Pop3, this protocol allows you to work with mail directly on the server, distribute it into folders and create filters.
There are additional functions that a mail provider can implement. For example, on the FREEhost hosting. The following functions are available to UA: autoresponders, incoming mail forwarding, spam filter, antivirus, web mail, shared calendar and notebook for domain users, mail import from another server.

Backup should always be done. This is the golden rule of all experienced programmers and administrators. Therefore, when choosing web hosting, pay attention to the availability of this service for the period of storing backups, and whether backups are included in the disk quota of the account.

Free SSL certificate
The SSL certificate is used for secure connection to web site. This is a must-have for any site that works with personal data of users and electronic stores.