Hosting for 5-10k unique users per day

Started by Bravoman1, Jul 13, 2022, 04:54 AM

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Bravoman1Topic starter

Hello. I am looking for high-quality hosting.
The requirements are as follows: SSD disk (!) 100-300 gigabytes, backups, Reliability (good reviews), so that the site loads normally.
Hosting for traffic from USA, so data centers in USA are desirable. The hosting will have a WordPress portal with 5-10 thousand unique visits per day.
Well, the prices should be not cosmic.


I have been using Fozzy for several years now and I buy it for all my clients.
No complaints, excellent service. support. Uptime is not less than 99.9%.
Daily backups, smart VPS for your needs. Reviews about fozzy are quite good, prices are not higher than the average market.

Rita Jaiswal

As a rule, it is better to use BIG DATA servers for such projects.
I can offer, what I work with myself, servers of this line from Unihost
All web servers with excellent uptime, in a normal DC in France (OVH) and high-quality support. DDoS protection up to L7 level for each server.
500GB of backup is free (you can buy NAS storage) and most importantly, it is possible to combine servers into a virtual network even if they are in different racks.
As for the web traffic, it is unlimited and has an uplink of 1 Gbps with a guaranteed bandwidth of 500 Mbps.

I can also advise WSR as an addition to web  hosting. The load reduction will be multiple due to caching dynamics in their CDN, because pages will no longer be constantly generated by the CMS + firewall will filter out unnecessary requests, which will also have a positive effect.