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Started by Mritunjay, Oct 12, 2022, 12:02 AM

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Hello everybody. 
Please advise shared hosting or VPS. It is necessary to place 27 websites. I need at least 100 gigabytes of disk space. 
There should be regular backups. At a price of approximately no more than $10 per month . Preferably, the data center should be in Belgium. The main thing is that web hosting does not fall constantly, and it works stably.


Something similar can be taken from OVH (Europe), say VPS Cloud 1 + auto backup service (there as an additional. service).

My recommendation is Bluehost I don't know how much money, I have a "special status" of a mastodon, since 2002.
VPS - presented, about $150 a year. Of course... 850 GB and I didn't measure the speed, it's enough. s By PageSpeed Insights all projects - from 85% and above (on "heavy" Joomla templates!), but on cloudflare (without "cloud" - up to 70). Speed is not the best.

Backup - hourly, caliper... I haven't seen it better, although I serve sites on different hosting services.

On the server... about... a hundred pieces? sites. I stopped counting the number a long time ago, 850 GB - at least open the video hosting.Until the end of my life - definitely enough.

The hosting provider is listed in England, the "cloud" is in his Pants.


Your web site or application generates a lot of information, and it weighs something by itself - not to mention background processes. All this needs to be stored somewhere, so I recommend choosing a hosting wisely. 
let's run through the parameters that must be taken into account:

Your needs. Decide how much memory you will need, how many visitors are planned daily, what information you will have to work with and how much it weighs. The type of hosting and the cost of data storage and processing directly depend on this;
Type of hosting. The costs directly depend on which one you choose, as well as future prospects, if you need scaling;
Administration. If you take a dedicated server or VPS/VDS, you will need a person to set it up and maintain it. This may be an employee of the company or a specialist from the provider;
Additional chips. These are SSL certificates, protection against attacks, the ability to increase bandwidth, a management platform, etc.