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Started by Ю-Мастер, Aug 22, 2022, 12:04 AM

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Good day forum users.
The problem started with hosting. Problems began with the hosts, they began to seriously finish them off. If before that there were no hints for two years, then the last three months are a complete disaster.
I have tried several "I think normal" hosting providers and the same problem.
Now I think, can I switch to some foreign host? Who can advise.

Enjoyed both. Impressions are only good.
Fozzy is a fine option. DC in Europe and the hosting itself is European, and with very high quality  technical support.

Look carefully at the hosting provider's website. The information provided on the provider's server must be unambiguous. If the website does not answer fairly simple questions, this is an indicator of negligence in the services provided.


When moving to a foreign hosting, consider a few disadvantages: you did not specify what kind of website you have. If it is aimed at users from Russia, then the .com domain will not be trustworthy and the Ping and download will be slower, especially if the servers are physically located very far away — in the same America. If your site is focused on Western users, then there will be no problems.
What level of English do you have?after all, you will have to communicate with technical support in another language, you need not just to know the language, but also all professional terms. It happens that the execution of all documents is much more complicated than just buying a place on a server inside the country.


"A good project needs good hosting." This is exactly what every webmaster thinks, who wants to choose a high-quality and fast hosting for his project and is trying to figure out a lot of offers published on the Internet.

The concept of "the best hosting for a website" is quite subjective: for someone, the best is hosting that supports the latest versions of PHP, and for someone - hosting with unlimited traffic, SSH and Zend support. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find a good hosting, it is enough to determine the criteria for evaluating the quality, as well as the real needs of your project. - Hosting with virtual machines, for webmasters who can work on Linux systems. A good personal account, it's nice to work in a modern interface.
Suitable for any projects, repositories, applications, calculations. Ready-made server assembly with WordPress and many others. The cheapest plan: $5 per month for a VPS with 8GB of RAM and 250GB of storage — this is more than enough for multiple sites or multisite installations. There are backups and snapshots, the possibility of a temporary increase in the plan, in case of load.


Hi. Both types of hosting, shared (shared/virtual) and VPS (virtual servers), are designed to host websites. And there, and there you can place almost any typical projects based on a bunch of PHP (the most popular web programming language) + MySQL (database server) + Apache (web server, easily replaced or supplemented by alternatives such as Nginx or LightSpeed ; Nginx is often used as a proxy server that takes care of static content)