How to direct a domain to a DNS server

Started by akeelow, Aug 15, 2022, 12:21 AM

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Please explain to me how to point a domain to a DNS server. For the first time I want to try to host a website on the Internet, I registered at, created a domain and uploaded files there ...
it says to me that my domain is not directed to DNS servers ... I don't know how to do it.


DNS servers must be provided by the hosting provider from which you buy hosting. If the hosting company has provided you with its DNS, then you need to register them for your domain from the registrar.

If DNS was not provided to you, then you simply direct your domain to the registrar's DNS and direct the website by A record to the ip address of your new server (the hosting provider should provide you with ip).
It is necessary to register in the DNS zone of the domain. It all depends on the control panel. In which panel are you adding the website?


Quote from: akeelow on Aug 15, 2022, 12:21 AMPlease explain to me how to point a domain to a DNS server.

In the domain control panel at your registrar, you should enter those server parameters that were given to you by your hoster. In the control panel, they are usually in the most visible place.
If your registrar and hoster - one person, everything is even easier. All settings will be set automatically. Well, or press the appropriate button.
If your hoster does not provide mail, or you do not want to use the mail service provider, then you will need to do a little wizardry with MX-accounts. They will provide provider, which will have your mail. In the control panel you write a short text entry. That's all.
Everything is very simple.  :)


To enter new DNS addresses when a website is created, or the domain is attached to another webhosting (transferred to another server), it is necessary for the Internet provider to be able to access your site and open it.
If DNS addresses are not entered, the resource will not be able to be displayed on the network.

If during the linking process you decide to change the NS records of the site yourself, the actions are performed in the following order:

First you need to find out the DNS server of the hosting. To do this, you need to log in to your account on the server's web site or contact the server's technical support service. You will find the necessary data either in one or in the second place.
The next step is to change the NS records. By contacting the server registrar, you need to find out the list of your domains.
Then select one of them and go to the management section. When the management page opens, find DNS servers on it: after clicking on the link, a page will appear on the screen where there are fields where you can enter NS records.
This includes the data obtained at the first stage. If everything is done correctly, you will receive a notification that the DNS servers have started updating. The process may take several minutes or last for two days.

The third stage, the final one, is directly linking the domain to web hosting.
Go to the portal where the second-level domain was registered. We find the service management section, find the "Sites" item in it, open it. Now, by clicking on the "Add registered domain to hosting" bar, you need to enter the address and DNS server in the window that appears. It will take time for the connection to take place.
To understand that the domain name has successfully connected to web hosting, you can simply open the site.
If everything is fine and the page has loaded, then the process was successful. When a monitor image with the name of the hosting appears on the screen, it indicates the completion of the binding procedure, but the plug from the hosting is turned on. You need to install a site management system to make it work.