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Started by Helen, Jul 05, 2022, 05:10 AM

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Now there are many services for substituting your IP address. I do not want to list, my choice was Windskribe application is on a laptop and phone. Very simple and easy to use.


Quote from: Helen on Jul 05, 2022, 05:10 AMNow there are many services for substituting your IP address. I do not want to list, my choice was Windskribe application is on a laptop and phone. Very simple and easy to use.
There are a lot of services, paid or free, such as VPN, there are browser applications that will replace your IP address. Also the country of residence, if necessary.


Changing the IP is very convenient if you need to go to a blocked site for a specific country. I do not like to install extra applications either on a computer or on a phone. Therefore, I use the VPN built into the browser to change the IP address. Very convenient and completely free.


Windscribe is one of hundreds or even thousands of companies that provide the ability to bypass Internet resource blocking by using virtual private network (VPN) technology.
This service is interesting primarily for its free of charge.
There are a lot of free VPNs on the market, but as a rule they are located in China, and earn money by selling information stolen from their users.

Windscribe is legally located in Canada, and assures that it does not do anything like that.
Only email is required for registration.
10GB of traffic per month is offered completely free of charge, through locations in ten countries.
Coupons are regularly distributed, allowing to bring that limit to 15-20 GB.
( Try typing EXPAND20).

The program requires minimal hardware resources, and is extremely easy to use.
Select a location, click the "enable" button - that's all, actually.
By firewall, Windscribe means an extremely useful killswitch function, which does not allow your real IP address to light up when the connection is suddenly disconnected. Surely, you don't need to turn it off.

By default, the IKEv2 protocol is used. It is possible (but not necessary) to enable OpenVPN TCP/UDP. For problematic providers and countries,  there is a special protocol for masking traffic under a TLS connection or under a Web Socket when everything is completely bad. If the provider does not abuse DPI, it is enough to use the new fast WireGuard protocol.

For $ 2 a month, you can get unlimited traffic, and unlock one of the paid locations. For $ 49 a year, all locations will open, and there are quite a lot of them, up to Antarctica. After adding a little more, you can get a dedicated IP, and port forwarding will become available.
The problem is that paid services are not too different in stability from free ones. Servers die regularly (two or three times a week), and they can lie for an hour, or they can lie for three or four days or more. Support - Hindus on the remote - poorly understand what they are doing.
But you can pay for services with cryptocurrency completely anonymously.

Despite its Canadianism, the company was created by immigrants from the CIS. And you always expect some kind of trick from our guys, or even connections with insidious special services.
But that is already from the realm of extreme paranoia.
In short, as a free service, Windscribe is good. As a paid one - no, for a smaller amount you can find a much faster and more stable service with reasonable technical support.


You can use a VPN, you can also enable and disable the modem, the IP will automatically change. But it will change only within the radius of the addresses of its own provider. But if you want to be from Germany or France, for example, you need a special utility or proxy server. For simple surfing on the network with a change of IP, you can use the Tor browser - very convenient. And if changing the IP is required for other programs to work, not just the browser, you need utilities for changing the IP, such as SafeIP, MyProxy or NProxy.