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Started by RoyJones, Jul 04, 2022, 12:24 PM

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RoyJonesTopic starter

decided to make a social network for my city. population is about 1 million inhabitants.
The city has only news portals, but there is no social networks.

I chose Social Engine 5, the best social engine, IMHO.
On ihc there is still my site on cms DLE, while it holds 400 visitors, but CMSs are different ..

Show me a hosting that will withstand at least 500-2000 visitors per day (for ф starter).
I think that there will be 10k registered users until the end of 2022

Hemanth malli

It is better to immediately look towards VPS, for a social network. You will begin to receive notifications of excessive load very quickly.
In addition, people can start uploading photos, videos, music, and this is an extra burden to disks.

And don't measure traffic by visitors. Put the site on a local PC, run the AB utilitн and see how many resources the site consumes with different traffic.
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In my opinion, the social network of the city is ... a waste of time ..
Some ones like Facebook and Twitter will be much more interesting for 99% of users.

And who will use your network besides you and a small number of your friends?
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Ksenia live

In my opinion, not every hosting can guarantee uninterrupted operation with traffic of 500 visitors per day or more. If you are counting on attendance of up to 2000 visitors per day, then it is best to rent a dedicated server right away. In this case, there will be no problems with the extra load on the hosting.


Sprinthost has been a worthy competitor among web hosting service providers for more than 10 years. Therefore, Sprinthost can hardly be called amateurs. Stability, low prices, focus on key services are signs of a balanced, thoughtful and thorough approach to business. It's nice that the site is convenient and beautiful. This will undoubtedly appeal to the younger audience of the service.

At first glance, the design of the service is pleasantly surprising. It is noticeable that the company strives to make a pleasant impression on the user. The UX is thought out – the blocks are simply and clearly named, there is no need to guess where to click. In addition, the site is stylish and fast, and it's easy to get into your personal account.

Immediately upon entering the website, it is clear that Sprinthost employees have made efforts to make working with the company's website as convenient as possible: all virtual hosting rates are displayed on the main page of the site. You can easily find technical support contacts.

I was very pleased with the ease of choosing a tariff plan. Usually on web hosting sites it is difficult to understand what you get for your money. On the sprinthost, the scheme is different: I was offered 3 simple and clear tariffs. To make the choice even easier, there is an available online technical support that quickly and clearly answers questions.

SiteGround is one of the top hosting companies on the market, it offers a wide range of services: virtual web  hosting, cloud hosting and a fully dedicated server. They have data centers on 3 continents, so SiteGround is an ideal choice for people from almost any corner of the world.

The sites hosted on SiteGround are pleasing with their indicators: uptime and performance were very pleased. The only inconvenience was that I would not be able to purchase a domain with a .ru domain address – the national address of my country.  Since I appreciate the quality of services, I was willing to pay a little more.

Accessibility and ease of providing information, obvious descriptions of services immediately catch the eye. No need to strain to understand what is actually being offered. The service also pleases with a refund in case of refusal of services and a domain as a gift when buying a tariff plan.

The impression of EuroByte hosting is ambiguous. On the one hand, the website is not very user-friendly, many functions are not obvious. On the other hand, the price-quality ratio is competitive, the fast round-the-clock support was also pleasantly impressed.

EuroByte has been providing web  hosting services, domain registration services and software license purchases since 2010. The website looks simple, but the control panel is not quite intuitive. Among the services listed are regular and CMS hosting, VDS/VPS.  Registration does not require entering passport data. On the site, you can choose which data center is preferred: in Moscow or in Amsterdam.

Combining rich work experience and modern technologies, Eurobyte managed to create a hosting service, the quality of work and support of which is not inferior to most foreign companies. At the same time, web hosting prices were kept low, and support was friendly.

The reputation of hosting is spoiled by negative attention from the press. Many articles tell us that web hosting MakHost and Eurobyte are the same company. I have read several publications about the dishonest work of these companies, but that has not been confirmed by personal experience.


Why reinvent the wheel if there are already popular sites. Do you think your network will make a profit? If this platform is in demand, then we need to prepare for real expenses. The visitors will load the information, it will take up a lot of disk space. You will need a VPN or cloud hosting. Don't be afraid that it will turn out that a hundred users will occupy all available resources and it will not pay off at all. And there will be no money to increase hosting costs.