Own Hosting: on the way to the first 1000 customers

Started by sergiocharm, Aug 02, 2022, 04:54 AM

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I figured out that in order to make high-quality hosting service, say, for 1000 clients, I need 4 servers (250 people per server) + 1 spare, 1 admin, 4 supporters, and 1 accountant, as well as renting an office and a communication channel.

In one word, a very unprofitable event - the organization of shared hosting. How do people manage to do such business? What can you save on so that it is not at a loss and not at the expense of quality?


if the support is sensible, then the office is not necessary. They will sit at home) The office is needed for one support / billing / boss's office? Or for a legal address?
You don't need 4 servers at once either.
Generally, you need some money to start. And a lot. And you can beat it off ideally in six-seven months.

You can take millions $$ of investments if you have your own business that generates income, no one will give such loans for nothing.
You wrote that these are investments in equipment, support, advertising, rental of premises, electricity, etc.
firstly wait until it pays for itself, and then make a profit. and how can it be lifted without support?


One of the highlights when setting up your own hosting is developing a website for hosting. Of course, you can start by selling your services to friends, acquaintances, etc., but this source of customers is far from unlimited and you will soon have to face the need to find new customers. So, as we noted earlier, we are simulating a situation with a small budget, which will have to be distributed over a lot of things - in connection with this factor, the site should not be expensive. You can start by creating a site yourself with template CMS, which are now quite a lot, and at the moment, many reputable hosters use public free CMS, as well as paid ones. Therefore, you will definitely not be ashamed of it. Another thing is that the site should be informative, convenient and fast. 8)


I figured to create a high-quality hosting, say, for 1000 clients, you need 4 servers (250 people per server) + 1 spare, 1 admin, 4 support, and 1 accountant, and also rent an office and a communication channel. In a word, it is not a profitable event.


You are very risky. I've been thinking about it, and I think that profit will start to appear only with more than 6000 customers. And it is not easy to develop to such a size. It is possible that somewhere a couple of years it is necessary. How do you plan to live the first years? Invest?