Quadranet - air inlet temp high 35C

Started by qx_1789, Jun 29, 2022, 11:00 AM

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This is the 2nd time I have this issue this year. In Feb I had 3 weeks where the inlet air temp jumped up to 35C. It took a week of emails and eventually it suddenly dropped to the normal 22C. Now 2 weeks later, straight back up to 33C.
It's seems it's either the A/C in the server room is turned down / off, or my server is getting fed 2nd hand hot from some other device.

Anyone else having this issue (LA location)?


We had some issues in the past when we used to be a customer there.
Router temps super high, I believe they just put a big fan in front of our rack to help cool things. It's not the best building for a data center itself if you ask me.

Overall the company itself was pretty good we found but after a few outages we had to migrate out.
You could check out their new data center might be a lot better as it's new and not in an older building.


Most colo's are only going to guarantee air temp in the cold aisle. Inside cabinets is the customers issue (shared cabinets, getting more complicated).

If it's hot inside the cabinet, and the rest of the facility is reasonably well setup, that usually means one of a few things:

#1 - Bad cabinet setup (IE: gear blocking airflow in the rear [enormous cable rats nests], or customers allowed to install gear incorrectly (IE: venting hot air to cold aisle).
#2 - Physical cabinet design issues (IE: the clowns that try to run servers inside cabinets with plexiglass, or solid rear doors when limited chimney exhaust systems, etc.).
#3 - Cabinet electrical capacity is oversold (IE: selling more power to a cabinet without considering physical limitations of airflow through the front/rear perforations of the doors). Sometimes resolvable by adding fans to the top of a cabinet, but usually indication that management needs to sort stuff out/re-arrange.
#4 - Lack of airflow management (IE: strip brushes to stop in-cabinet recirculation around the sides/top/bottom of the cabinet interior, lack of blanking panels in open rack units, etc.).
#5 - Some inconsiderate person is blocking off cabinet airflow (IE: putting stuff in front of, or behind a cabinet, that's obstructive). Maybe someone is warming up their winter coat hanging it on a cabinet during their shift, etc. It sounds dumb (and it is), but ... in some places, it does happen!

Sounds like this is a shared cabinet, and not enough effort is being put into micro-managing what's going on inside the cabinet, based on the description(s) above. Only way to know for sure is to visit it directly during such an event, or ask for pictures/video call/what have you.


QuadraNet is an USA provider founded in 2001 that offers hosting and cluster management solutions. They are PCI compliant and their website is available in English and Chinese.

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QuadraNet is a hosting provider that offers well-equipped dedicated servers, cloud servers or collocation. Based in the America, they guarantee 100% uptime and 99.999% network uptime.

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