Recommend a good server for an Internet project (portal)

Started by vinodkumar, Jul 28, 2022, 04:37 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

Good day to all.

Friends, co-workers, and just visitors to this forum, I would like to hear your suggestions or viewpoints about dedicated servers for an Internet project, or, more precisely, for a large (in the future) portal.

The essence is as follows: A portal is being created, which over some time will expand both functionally and volumetrically.
The client immediately discards the usual web hosting, and asks to select a dedicated server for this business. Preferably in the States, or in Europe (for example, in Germany).
The load for the time ahead is planned to be large, and the option is being considered to take several servers in different regions and run them in duplex...

Who can recommend which services?

Please do not spread everything in a row, but only really good, and well-proven ones.
The client plans to get at once for several years (from 1 year to 10 years).

Megan Brown

Hello, we have dedicated servers [nofollow] in the United Stats and the Netherlands. We can also assemble an individual server according to the order and needs of the client. Technical support will easily cope with the task and offer you the most effective option.

There is also an affiliate program, you will receive 5% from any payments of the customer you brought. When renting a web server for a year or more, good discounts are possible, please contact us and we will select the best option for you.