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Started by jainteq, Aug 26, 2022, 02:54 AM

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jainteqTopic starter

I have a Joomla site. Can the speed of the website depend of which web server the hosting uses? For my part, I have already optimized everything that I could. But brakes, and specific ones, are still sometimes observed. The Apache web server is currently being used. I heard that Litespeed is now in vogue, it seems to work faster, is it true?


What is concrete brakes?
What is "I have already optimized everything that I could"
What is the website visit?
Joomla, of course, is still so CMS, but on a bunch of Nginx + Apache it works fine with attendance up to 4-5k hits per hour, on the cheapest 4 euro VPS, tested on fornex and fastvps.

P.S. And if there is more attendance, then you need to change not the server, but the CMS of the website, and switch from Joomla to the assembly, or self-writing, made specifically for this project.