What to choose Hetzner or OVH?

Started by Greenleesh, Nov 06, 2022, 02:09 AM

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What to choose Hetzner or OVH?

2 (66.7%)
1 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 3

GreenleeshTopic starter

Which hosting provider is better to choose from the above?

Hetzner: Helsinki or Germany.

OVH: Poland, France, Germany. 

I want to create a web site, the main traffic is from Ukraine. And what is the best location to choose then?


I use both. Hetzner has a friendlier interface. Take Germany.
In OVH monthly payment, in Hetzner per second, it is more convenient.


I like Hetzner more, although it is more expensive than OVH, but it is more reliable, so I use it, it has been showing itself well lately. OVH will probably fall, even though it used to be in the priorit.