When do we need our own DNS?

Started by justinthomsony, Jul 22, 2022, 09:43 AM

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justinthomsonyTopic starter

A webstore on VDS is planned and the question is, should I set up my DNS or use the DNS of the hosting provider? On the server there will be only a store, mail, 1s synchronization. NJINX is planned as a server, it will probably be controlled by a panel like ispmanager, vesta or webuzo.

Guru, is it worth messing up our dns or is it better to save resources for an already expensive vds server?
Does it consume a lot of RAM, CPU?

Since I have cms CS-Cart, not Bitrix of course, but a resource-intensive engine, it is not clear what to choose for vds tariffs.
It's clear with the disk volume, but what's more important is the RAM or number of cores, or is the optimal ratio of at least 2-4 cores and more RAM?


"Turn up your dns", surely is not worth it. It's not even so much about the resources spent, although this is also important, but about the effectiveness of this system. Many hosting providers and even registrars, including the largest and most famous, sometimes experience DNS server failures. Evidently, they do not like to use distributed placement, as required.

You should understand that the required amount of resources primarily depends on the expected attendance at peak times (with some margin, of course).
The coefficient of "resource engine intensity" is only one of the components of the "formula".