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Started by Alekset, Jul 03, 2022, 02:20 PM

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Windscribe has a very simple registration that even an inexperienced user can handle. The application conveniently and safely hides your IP address and does not slow down your computer or phone. With the current sanctions, I advise everyone.


I completely agree with you. Windscribe has a paid plan and a free one, but which is perfect for the simplest tasks. For example, to visit prohibited, blocked free-access resources, 100% is enough.
You can also use it on all the most famous systems and gadgets.

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Recently, I often encounter the problem of blocking sites. It is good that it is possible to bypass blocking by IP address. Moreover, there are not only special programs, but also online services and even built-in applications for a computer browser and for a smartphone. Very comfortably.


Thank you for your recommendation! I couldn't find a well working VPN provider before. I highly need a fast VPN provider for my freelance job. I downloaded Windscribe and I hope it will help me  :)


Windscribe is a Canadian VPN service that promises its customers the possibility of confidential work on the Network. In addition to paid services, this VPN also offers a free tariff with a very generous monthly traffic limit of 10 GB, which attracted many users to it.


Quote from: Maksim on Jul 26, 2022, 11:33 AMoffers a free tariff with a very generous monthly traffic limit of 10 GB, which attracted many users to it.

This amount of traffic will be enough to watch 1 movie in 720p resolution. Or maybe in 1080p, if the movie is not long, and without DTS Audio. :)
Alas, I have not yet come across an unlimited free VPN, we will not consider Cloudflare WARP. It is "transparent", there is no anonymization.
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I use Windscribe  , and all was good , but latest time need waiting while connected. Just sign *loading *and that's all. OK, maybe evening internet more overload and problem is in it.


I like Windscribe. Registration is very simple, without difficulties. Hidden location. Paid access gives a lot of opportunities. Block bypass works 100%


Windscribe has many advanced tools designed to circumvent censorship. So, the Stealth security protocol hides the very fact of connecting to a VPN and disguises your traffic as completely ordinary Internet traffic. As a result, your connection is less likely to attract unwanted attention.

The Double Hop VPN connection feature will allow you to redirect traffic through two VPN servers at once (instead of one, as usual), which will help you hide from online surveillance. The Time Warp function will completely mask the time zone settings of your device with the corresponding settings of the server location you selected. After that, the websites will no longer be able to determine your location.

Also, the service's applications have built-in protection against advertising and malware. It is worth noting that all applications of the service support the function of separate tunneling.

Alas, it was annoying to find out that the set of functions varies depending on the platform and devices. For example, Double Hop and Time Warp are only available in Windscribe browser extensions.

While conducting tests, I also found that the connection speed to Windscribe servers is quite unstable. Located near the place where I was physically, the servers provided me with excellent speed. When I connected to more remote servers, the connection slowed down noticeably.  It is also worth noting that dedicated Windflix servers can open access to Netflix.

Windscribe allows you to connect unlimited devices at the same time, but provides only a 3-day money-back guarantee. There is also no 24/7 online chat available here, however, a very detailed knowledge base can be found on the service's site.

VyprVPN is designed specifically to combat censorship. It will not only protect your traffic with AES-256 encryption, but also process it using Chameleon's unique technology. It mixes traffic metadata in a special way and thereby protects it from deep packet inspection (DPI) systems. In turn, DPI is one of the favorite ways to check and block traffic, which is more than actively used by Internet service providers and government agencies. Chameleon technology will leave them with nothing.

Other security features of the service include an emergency shutdown function, a data leak protection system and a NAT firewall that blocks unwanted incoming requests from hаckers and botnets. The service also adheres to a strict tax—free policy and uses VyprDNS, a zero-disclosure DNS system that does not track or store your DNS queries.

All VyprVPN servers are suitable for downloading P2P content and provide very fast connections, ideal for downloading torrents and watching streams. I was able to access Netflix and a number of other streaming platforms.

You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time, also VyprVPN provides a 3-day free trial period and gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.
I would place VyprVPN higher in that list, but there is one "but" — more precisely, even two. For example, Chameleon technology is only available in applications for routers and desktop devices. In addition, the services of that service are noticeably more expensive than similar offers from competitors. They are certainly worth it, but still, still.


Of all the VPNs that are provided for free, it is the best. My usage experience is 6 years. Very convenient applications. On a free tariff: 10 GB of traffic monthly. You can get 20 GB. There is no advertising here. A good connection ensures fast operation. There is a firewall mode. I have not seen other companies provide the same for free. If we compare the paid tariff with other paid VPNs, then it is not the best, but also not very bad because of the low price.