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Started by MARK PETERSON, Sep 22, 2022, 01:18 AM

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MARK PETERSONTopic starter

Purchased a dedicated IP address from a hosting provider. I checked it on several services like 2IP, and everywhere it gives a list of websites that allegedly hang on this IP.
Everyone has a different list, but there are repetitions. And now I do not know if they gave me a "clean" IP or if it belongs to somebody else. How do I find out and should I trust the provider and the IP verification services?
And I rented the IP as a dedicated one!


You need to look at not how many domain names have been linked, but how many remain linked.
Of course, they could have given a not very good IP. But usually the worst IP addresses are those to which few domains have been linked. From such IP addresses, mailings are usually carried out.

Moreover, that could have happened a long time ago. That is, they could have stopped using it for the domain names you found a long time ago.
generally, I mean that you could have given up a good IP yourself and now you risk getting a bad one. Well good luck.