How to speed up MySQL?

Started by maxikk, Aug 05, 2022, 05:02 AM

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There is a website on WP, it is constantly filled with content, as a result, the MySQL database has grown significantly to such volumes that the site began to respond for a long time and, accordingly, page loading takes longer.

Optimization, cleaning, caching just doesn't help anymore.

Maybe there is some way to allocate more resources to the base to speed it up? Sorry in advance for a possibly stupid question, but I can't google anything useful. And me myself did not encounter such situations.

Thanks in advance for help.


1. Logic. If you have not climbed into the php admin panel before, then everything is working right there.
The only exception can be the old version, you can change it to a new one and then it will work faster regardless of the size of the DB.
2. Based on the first, you need to delve into the admin panel of the engine. WP has some great tools that I would recommend trying together (only with a backup you can restore): WP Optimize and WP Cleaner.
3. Other plugins and their settings may be to blame, here you already need to somehow identify it yourself or find a professional.

Further and in a safer way.
1. The easiest and most correct way to contact your hosting provider and, if necessary, hire a specialist there. The whole profit lies in the fact that there you will definitely find the cause of your problem, because a normal hosting provider makes sure that your websites work as quickly and stably as possible.
2. If this is your personal server, then you need a specialist who will work for you on a permanent basis. Or study everything yourself, but I will say that I would not initially use phpmyadmin, but MariaDB and other progressive tools.

Addition. There are also all kinds of accelerators at the server level, like redis, but these are already such things, the curves are not suitable for everybody. Oh, by the way!
You can replace the commenting system with an external one by importing everything that is already on the website there - this way you are not standard, but you will significantly reduce your DB, because all the comments will already be on a different host.