Is old MySQL or php versions needed on hosting account?

Started by sadko7777, Jul 01, 2022, 04:27 AM

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sadko7777Topic starter

If I install latest MySQL and latest PHP in my hosting severs, is there any need to have older versions installed as well and which older versions of both, would you recommend?



Overall you should only be running supported versions of PHP, these are 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1.

But, enterprise distros like RHEL and derivatives (CentOS, Alma, Rocky, Oracle) all come with many years of support (usually 8 years or so) for their PHP version.

For example CentOS 7 is running PHP 5.4.16, which is FULLY supported and still has 2 years until its EOL.

If you are using a control panel like cPanel, then cPanel has their own supported versions of PHP.


Seen many people with age-old websites still rucking PHP 5 or older.
If you host other people it could be a plus if they need them and they are too lazy to update their code. However, these clients are unlikely to move anyways if they are too lazy to keep up with PHP.


InterServer provides a single Standard plan for shared hosting with unlimited storage, sites, MySQL databases and traffic. PHP versions 5.5 and 5.6, as well as 7.0 and higher are supported. The service also provides several tools for optimizing PHP sites.

The service comes with a cPanel control panel, so you can switch between PHP versions and change PHP settings using a simple interface. Another plus is the ability to display cPanel in several languages, so you don't have to worry about translation difficulties.

Considering the large number of features on the Standard plan, it may seem expensive, but it is not.  It also has a fixed price guarantee for shared hosting plans, so you don't have to worry about price increases when you renew your subscription.

Supports hundreds of PHP scripts. A simple installer for InterServer allows you to quickly set up PHP CMS like WordPress, PHPFusion, phpBB and more. You can also easily add galleries, contact forms, and other features to your website.
Choice PHP. cPanel by InterServer has a PHP menu that allows you to easily select the version and enable extensions. For instance, you can quickly activate OPcache and improve the performance of your site.
FastCGI enabled. This protocol is one of the fastest ways to execute PHP scripts and can greatly improve the speed of your site. To enable FastCGI, most hosting providers will ask you to upgrade to a VPS (virtual private server), but InterServer includes this feature in the Standard shared hosting plan.
LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed is probably the best program for WordPress and other PHP-based CMS. It is faster than traditional Apache, and more reliable during periods of traffic growth.

Schneider Host offers a solution for websites that consume an increased amount of system resources and have already outgrown regular hosting, as well as for all sites that need exceptional speed and stability. Introducing our pro hosting. This is a hosting with support for everything you need, such as the latest version of PHP, MYSQL databases, mail accounts and other goodies of regular hosting with CPANEL control panel.
Which is special about this hosting is that the number of accounts on the server is strictly limited, and they are thus allowed to use much more system resources (up to 15% of RAM and CPU). Since, as already mentioned, the number of host accounts on the server is several times less (namely, 10 times) than on regular hosting, then, of course, this gives additional speed when loading your pages, and stability, since the speed does not drop not at any point in time.

We highlight the following benefits of pro hosting:

- allowed to use up to 17% of the resources of the processor and RAM (average per day)
-weekly backup of all accounts
- this implies extended technical support, which may include minor work on your scripts, as well as notifications on SKYPE when complaints are received or some problems occur with the account
- overall high speed, stability and 100% UPTIME

With all this, pro-hosting is much cheaper than VPS, which will solve similar problems, since you don't need to pay for a control panel, you don't need to spend extra resources on launching separate services for each user, and you don't need a dedicated IP. The only advantage of VPS over pro-hosting is the availability of root access (and not everyone needs it).

Especially for our old users, we offer a separate PRO-mini tariff, which allows you to get all the benefits of PRO hosting for a relatively low fee.
How is the PRO-mini tariff different from regular PRO-tariffs?

- allowed to use up to 10% of resources (instead of 17%)
- technical support in the usual mode.

Otherwise, everything is the same: a separate web server, which implies the same stability, high quality and speed. The offer is not for the masses, but only for trusted customers.