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Started by argoway, Oct 10, 2022, 01:02 AM

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Will the allowable load on MySQL increase much if, for example, now: 1000 cp. (average) with a regular hosting service. And if I rent a dedicated server?
I understand that it depends of the hosting provider and the equipment, but if in general terms, what is the difference or the load is usually the same.


The difference can be 100 times.

I hope you distinguish between a "dedicated server" and a VPS.
it depends of the number of requests and their quality, not of the server.
the speed of data processing depends of the hardware.
dedicated is an iron just for you and you do everything else yourself.
high-quality web hosting can cope with current loads.


High traffic, high performance. The Internet project will be able to withstand a heavy load.
High degree of protection. The site will be virtually invulnerable to hаcker attacks.
The ability to perform individual server settings. The client will be able to independently select many parameters, such as the processor, the amount of RAM and much more.

Dedicated web servers have a higher continuous operation time, as the possibility of software errors is lower. It is because of software problems that the server may stop working.
Access to the web resource from anywhere in the world.
But there are several disadvantages. For example, only the most advanced computer users will be able to use absolutely all the features of dedicated servers. Well, and accordingly the price. Compared to a virtual one, a dedicated one will cost more.

But there are still a lot more advantages than disadvantages. The price is fully justified by the wide opportunities that the client receives.


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