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Started by satva89, Sep 20, 2022, 12:43 AM

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Hi, I'm ashamed to say, but I have virtual hosting, for $1 / month.  generally, I want to please the visitors of my website (there are 800 of them per day) so that the site loads faster and shakes instantly!
  I want to take it for $9 a month! To have at least 55 gig of space, at least 3000 gig of traffic to keep 2k visitors a day! I am also interested in the parameters: processor and memory!!
 I do not know why these parameters, and what their advantages are! + I don't know what kind of panels "Lite" or any other.. Please enlighten)).
 If possible, give links to recommended providers (preferably abuzo-resistant hosting because I have a game theme, and there are crĐ°cks, etc.)


For all webmasters who are engaged in sites, I want to warn you that do not choose Gino hosting at any time, under any circumstances.
I burned myself and I don't advise you to keep your websites there. Firstly, for the first time, it would seem that everything is fine: prices are cheap, second-level domains are $1, technical support always responds to all requests, the interface would seem very simple and cute.

But here's what a cunning and vile method they have then. Personally, I stayed there for more than a year while mastering websites on the WordPress engine, then, as it were, I already started doing full-time sites and so I decided to make two entertainment web sites: gaming and with video movies. When the turnover of the site visit begins to gradually increase, the hosting administration does that.
They load all my resources in a special way (later in the evening), the site cannot be opened - this primarily affects search robots, which then lower the site, and all your work goes to hell.
I did a lot of things in order to somehow break up the web sites, nothing helped, all my attempts came to disappointment. Write to tech support, they include such a fool there that it's only for dummies who hang their ears. THEY WON'T HELP YOU IN THIS CASE!
My advice to you is a web master. Never hang your web sites on this hosting Gino. All your efforts to promote the site will go to hell because of such idiots as the Gino web  hosting administration. Better another hosting than them.
Good luck to you in your labors!


A minimal DigitalOcean may not be enough for you. Raise the virtual machine and pob. Maybe you should think about modular hosting like Openshift or Heroku?
It's just that DO 2 cores start at $20 per month, and you will have so much spinning on 1 core and 1GB? The maximum number of users per day is 300, even if you smear them for 24 hours, you will have at least 5 users every minute, how will they affect each other?
By the way, look at googloaps - they seem to have an API to googlodox and they give $300 for 4 months for using the service.