Anti dDos for game projects

Started by Ravina123, Aug 15, 2022, 02:41 AM

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Hello, what anti-ddos services are generally suitable for game servers?

No matter what I googled, they either don't take on UDP, or don't protect against L7, or don't allow you to configure the rules (although I wouldn't want to mess around with the rules myself, of course).

I know about srvgame and myarena, but I don't know how well they cope, after all, 99% of clients are a trifle, who are not threatened with anything more serious than a five-dollar panel. I remember the owner of the srvgame in this section said that for a small price in some telegram channel they take to drop myarena :) (yes, I understand that you can put anything if you want)

Plus, the srvgame has a secure bandwidth of only 100Mbps, which is generally not enough. And in fact, all the dedicated servers are sold out and it is not known when they will be.

Well, yes, these are not traffic cleaning services, i.e. protection cannot be connected to the existing server, you need to completely move to them. So I would like to hear about the options.


What is a game project?

according to statistics, these are daily ddos from 5 gigabits to 200 gigabits (no joke, there are more but rarely)

2 times a week ddos for 50-80 gigabits standard.

The problem is not to filter it, the problem is that in order to filter something, you must first accept it and then pay.

80 gigabits now costs around $10K per month. If there is only one project, then maybe it would be possible to go on "free percentiles" BUT we are talking about hosting providers, right? Those. the project is not alone and it will not work out on the operator's "free 95`" Due to the frequency of such attacks and the number of clients.

How many such projects who are willing to pay 30k per month? ten? well +-

in total, together we have only $5K, and the channel to protect them is needed for $10K + equipment for filtering + it seems like you need to earn something.

do you understand? calculation does not match.

Now add brain-pecking to this, because here the "ping jumped" there is no connection, do you think all gamers understand that the hosting provider is not "all the Internet"? and that communication problems happen not only to hosting providers but also to telecom operators?


There are always exceptions, but in the context of a hosting provider, we are talking about typical clients, which are the majority (and, as a result, the distribution of clients by hosting providers). And as team-voice correctly described, the amount of expenses (financial, reputational and human resources) is not comparable to payments.


I will say this, gamers are protected because they paid for it. The point is not that there is or is not an opportunity, but as far as it is generally expedient in monetary terms. I'll put it another way, you can protect a game project, but he can't pay for it. Most often, the amount of expenses, both financial and human resources, is not comparable to payments.


I know one hosting provider who, with a small attack that does not affect the operation of the server or all their capacities, only sends a notification. when an attack begins to interfere, then measures are taken.
perhaps there is a similar situation in your case. we don't know what kind of attack was on you and which attacks Hetzner can survive without problems, and which ones are already with problems and will begin to defend.

do you understand that if a conditional 40Gbps udp flood arrives at the hosting provider, then no one will tolerate it and do nothing? and that protection cannot be free, so it is included in the cost of the service.