Follow up on what dedicated hosting providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies

Started by john45, Jun 24, 2022, 04:53 AM

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A while back, I opened a thread asking which dedicated server hosting providers accepted cryptocurrencies. I was actually surprised how many providers did.
 Apparently, the crypto industry is in a slump right now with only 14% of financial advisors recommending crypto investments. Stable coin cryptocurrencies appear to be negatively affected by our current inflation woes.
 I'm curious if accepting cryptocurrencies is more widespread today in this industry or if this downward trend is raising concern.


Cryptocurrency payments make up roughly 38% of our sales. It is used over 3 times as often as Credit Cards and is second in popularity after PayPal.

As soon as payment is made, we have the funds converted to USD. We highly recommend it for all other hosts as it has been the best payment method we've ever used (zero chargebacks guaranteed, easy to work with).

For years now I've felt like cryptocurrency is more than just an investment because of how widely used it is for our own business. Most people don't know about these actual payment use cases but there are many use cases where actually paying with crypto makes sense and our industry is one of those use cases.


Almost all providers accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Simple, low-cost transactions, no chargebacks.

I accidentally found a website between our backlinks -
Someone is creating a list of bitcoin dedicated server providers. Might be helpful.
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The authors of GlavHost have formed the top hosting companies conducting payments in the crypt. In Glavhost you will find such market leaders as THEM, Eurobite, MacLeod, Machost and many others. All the proposed options have pleasant functionality, a convenient control panel, as well as favorable tariffs.The authors of the rating do not control the entry of a particular hosting into a certain position in the rating. The rating is formed automatically based on the point system. Points are awarded for the quantity and quality of characteristics important to the end user.

For example, a hosting that provides free automatic backup will receive more points than a non-provider or one that provides for an additional fee. Or a hosting offering a test period of 7 days will get less points than a hosting offering 30 days.

To get the most objective picture, the rating takes into account user ratings from most open sources. The calculation takes into account the number of sources, the number of ratings, as well as the average user rating. Thus, the possibility of accidentally receiving an unfairly high number of points by any hosting is excluded.


Despite the fact that some cryptocurrencies have recently fallen significantly in price, they are still the future. And those projects, including hosting and domain registrars, do the right thing by accepting them for payment. This means that they are focused on development and I know that it is very profitable to keep cryptocurrency in their arsenal.


Here is a list of the best (in my opinion) hosts that accept Bitcoin.

Hostinger - Uptime of 99.9% and above, high speed, technical support is available around the clock and several cryptocurrencies are accepted.
Hostwinds - Unlimited disk space and network bandwidth, choice between two data centers (in the US and Europe), as well as a money-back guarantee that applies to crypto accepted.
Namecheap is a great provider, not only do you get a cheap domain name, you get good webhosting and free domain protection.


Currently, given the sanctions, this is one of the possible ways to pay for paid hosting by a foreign transfer via SWIFT. There are some hosters with possible payment in cryptocurrencies. However, some of them still request a physical card at the first payment. It is also a good opportunity for those users who are looking for privacy and anonymity on the Internet.