Dedicated Hosting Requested ASAP

Started by jina, Jun 17, 2022, 05:20 AM

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Does anyone know reliable dedicated hosting that can be deployed asap? They must be able to host a link shortener service (like tiny url) that users can allow redirects to any link including sometimes malicious ones


Did your current provider just shut your server down due to abuse issues? Do you get a lot of abuse complaints per a month?

There are tons of providers who can deploy servers quickly. But knowing more details like your budget, location, server hardware requirements, etc.. would be helpful so people can actually give suggestions on what you are looking for.


For the "ASAP" part, check out equinix metal (formerly You can spin up dedis in seconds with hourly billing (even spot style instances if you're feeling like a hunter-gatherer).

Bandwidth costs arm+leg ($0.05/GB) but I don't think your use case (text manipulation) is bandwidth intensive.

You can then set yourself up for deeper commitment and pay cheaper rates with one of the hosts you find here.

Dunno about their abuse policy though.


You will really want to take some time and find the right provider who you can explain what your goals are and about the abuse reports as there are a lot of companies who will end up dumping you as a client if abuse is abnormal.
If you get a lot of abuse you should have the IP's swipped for your business name and abuse emails. Your site should also have a proper abuse report form so that most complaints can be handled directly by you before it goes to your provider.

Companies are not allowed to advertise here you will want to check the offers section make a list talk to some companies and see who might work best for your needs.


We can offer VPS in one of 9 countries to choose from. The cost of the tariff with 4000MB of memory is $15, with 8GB of memory - $20 and so on. For the test, I downloaded and launched Viber on VPS - there is no black screen. We can make you a test for 3 days without payment, so that you can check everything yourself. I don't see the point in spending money on a dedicated server. If you are interested - write in a personal, I will make a test access for you.


50 GB on SSD drives
4000 MB RAM / 1000 MHz
Cost 10.99$

We provide a trial period - 7 days.