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Started by microsoftcygnet, Oct 06, 2022, 12:59 AM

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Good day.
There are three servers, one in Germany, two in England from one hosting provider.
There are interruptions.

With German, it happened that you couldn't get through from one part when it worked for others.
There may be overlays with the network at the mainline, on how often (5-8 times a year for about 15-20 minutes), then on the one hand, then on the other.

With England , it was that the construction site was idle for 1-3 hours, those problems were eliminated.
There are interruptions more rare relative to German, perhaps 2-3 times a year, but 1-3 hours is a very long time.

In both cases, downtime is critical.
There are at least 24 databases on each server, each of which can have 1000 requests.
Users are indignant.

Perhaps the question is stupid, but tell me from experience, where is the best place to rent a server?
The main characteristic is simple and, of course.
1-3 hours, well, it's no good.

Thank you.


We have been using OVH for 5 years now. There are practically no interruptions - access fell off for 10 minutes once a year, and that's it.
SSD is a great thing, we use it on OVH webservers, local servers in the office and workstations, only about 110 drives. The first batch of SSDs was bought 5 years ago, so far none has failed (out of the whole hundred.


Advantages of renting a server in Germany:

Stability, high speed of work for Europe and beyond. This is ensured by connecting to the world's largest DE-CIX traffic exchange point.
Data security and confidentiality. The Germans pay special attention to this issue.
The quality of technical support. Moreover, when ordering German VPS / VDS.
Adaptability, flexibility. The latest equipment and innovations are used here.
Data security. The placement of information on German virtual servers guarantees a high level of its technological and legal security.