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What is the form/method of data storage for dedicated servers?


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The modern world does not stand still, no one will be surprised by gigabytes of data stored on a computer. It is important for any organization to work on equipment that is capable of processing and storing a large amount of information, have a high level of reliability and high speed of data access.
The absence of one of these parameters may jeopardize your business in the future in case of unexpected data loss as a result of equipment failure.

Servers – connect to the storage via adapters (Host Bus Adapter, HBA). They process information and form the structure of information storage.
Disk arrays and tape libraries are where all the information is stored.
Data backup and archiving system.
Software – solves data storage management tasks and improves data access performance (disk volume manager and operating system memory manager), performs system monitoring.
The purpose of storage is: reliable data storage, fault-tolerant and high-performance access to information.

DAS (Direct Attached Storage, disk storage systems).  In this solution, the DAS system is connected directly to the server. The advantages of this system are the simplified principle of deployment and management, its low cost (compared to the rest) and the increased speed of data exchange between the storage and the server.
Because of these qualities, DAS are extremely popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Despite the positive aspects, the solution also has disadvantages – each DAS solution needs a dedicated server connection. This creates a low level of resource utilization, most often there is no possibility of data redistribution between DAS devices.


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