Distinguish virtual hosting from a dedicated server with only IP available

Started by selearnerlive, Nov 20, 2022, 07:06 AM

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Today I accidentally found out that a friend has been paying about $150 a month for hosting the developers of the site for the 3rd year.
At the same time, the site is a static business card of 25 pages with a minimum attendance of 30-100 people per day. The developers (a company unknown to anyone in the city without a portfolio) claim that a dedicated server is needed because of the allegedly "heavy load" created by a dozen subdomains (with near-zero attendance).

He assumed that a friend was being deceived by selling him virtual hosting under the guise of a dedicated server. But my minimal knowledge in this area is not enough to understand how to distinguish virtual hosting from a dedicated server.

The site is located on the IP:
Bing shows that there are half a million sites on this IP.

Online IP checkers give out in the description, in addition to a bunch of data that is not entirely clear to me, such a line:
Both (I may be mistaken) indirectly indicate virtual hosting, which costs from 100 rubles per month on the Run. But I'm not 100% sure.

It is clear that all questions would be removed if the site owner got access to the control panel, but under the terms of the contract, it seems like the developers are not obliged to provide it to him.
I talked to the hosting support - they don't give any information.
I consulted a couple of specialists - they say that either ssh or access to the control panel is needed.

Just in case, I appeal to the collective mind.


Most likely, this is a virtual hosting. Because VPS/ VDS usually assumes its own personal IP on which there is no one else.
Was there a contract? Is the support and transfer of money documented? It is possible to ask for payment documents for hosting. If they don't, there will be a bunch of ways to compensate for the rent. The tax service will be glad

I have hetzner for 100 euros:
Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 v3
2 x 4 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm

Tell us the address of web site, perhaps the web server gives you the information you need.
A little detective: all sites on this IP are served by the same version of NGINX with the same caching.


Indeed, it looks very much like Shared hosting. Perhaps the developers "slightly" overestimate the monthly subscription fee. But, here it is necessary to carefully re-read the contract (if any).
What exactly is included there, what you need to pay for on a monthly basis, and which payments are one-time.
Unfortunately, such developers "(a company unknown in the city without a portfolio)" there are a lot of them in the country, and it seems to me that they breed very quickly. Taking advantage of people's incompetence in hosting issues.

And in general, such conditions are not required to provide access to the panel. Another reason to think. I recommend doing it now, before things go too far. In fact, this is the absence or minimization of the client's control over their resource.
Perhaps many web studios work on this principle, I argue that their clients do not want to delve into the process of server/ hosting/website administration. But not all web studios conduct their activities in good faith.
And if you decide to move out from such a developer to another hosting provider and go on an independent voyage, a lot of problems may arise. The hosting provider, in turn, will not help you here, because for him you are a third party.


If there were a sane number of sites on the IP, one could at least believe that your company takes dedicated from host, even if not for your client, but for hosting the sites of all its clients.
But, this is not the case. In general, I think you've already seen for yourself that a friend is being fooled. And the guys could at least put the site on a dedicated address or something .. Yes, it's even likely that this is a free host tariff, as already mentioned.