Good website hosting service, how much does it matter

Started by jeyavinoth, Jul 24, 2022, 04:01 AM

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A well-optimized and properly configured hosting server with its own gadgets is of great importance in the successful promotion and stable operation of the site.

Hosting should fit exactly to your criteria. All the advantages over others, catchy advertising and advanced technologies are not so important. The most crucial thing here is what you need and how you will be more comfortable working with it.

Everything should be automated, thought out in advance. This of course comes with experience and acquired awareness, enter your knowledge base, take notes.


When choosing a hosting service, you need to understand for what tasks you take it.
1. For a regular informational weblog site with little traffic
2. For huge information sites with traffic.
3. For the website of an online store.
4. For other resources.

The fourth point here already depends on the particular task.

The first point is that any hosting provider that is in the top 300 hosting is suitable here. The main criterion is where the webservers are located and its price. The usual set, plus minus they all have the same.

As for the second one and third points, then the choice is plain- at least VPS / VDS. And if a very serious project, then a completely separate server.
Any case, all hosting software is already the responsibility of the hosting tenant.


Choosing a good hosting is obligatory. The provider will offer you technical support 24/7 and data backup in case of failure. Good web hosting services with a secure IP address can take you one step closer to simplifying the use of HTTPS on your website.


It depends on a variety of reasons. First of all, you have to understand the subject matter of the site. For what, for whom and why. In the future, based on these considerations have you calculate the required amount of memory, which network it is connected to, the speed and validity of the domain.

I am a site creater and the majority of my work goes to Europe and on average, many of my customers are happy with domains for $ 20 a month. I also find this price acceptable.


I totally agree. When hosting is configured incorrectly on any site, or there are any other problems, then I want to leave such a site as soon as possible.


It has an excellently developed and widespread server infrastructure, which is located on the territory of Russia, several European countries and even the USA. The standard package includes reliable protection against DDoS attacks.
That web hosting regularly gets into various independent reviews. This factor is mainly associated with high performance, networks are built on the basis of the latest generation of equipment.

During the week, the user is provided with free access, no payment data is required to be provided. Backups are generated and stored for the next month. All service packages are characterized by transparency of payment. If the tenant decided not to use any services or for some reason wanted to transfer his project to another hosting, then money will be refunded to him for this. Many users note the literacy of technical support workers, especially since it operates around the clock.


The official site of web hosting is very convenient, besides, with its help you can immediately get all the necessary information about all the possibilities, get acquainted with existing tariff plans. The minimum cost of renting space on web hosting is about one hundred rubles per month, and when paying for a considerable period of time, you can get a fairly significant discount. There are also more expensive tariffs, which open up much more opportunities. In most cases, users choose the option of renting a server with high-quality administration.
The company offers its customers to get VPS servers with very high performance characteristics, and they can work on various platforms – FreeBSD, Linux, Windows. It is possible to use all the hosting features for a month absolutely free of charge. Thanks to this function, the owner of a virtual resource will be able to quickly determine for himself what exactly is necessary for the work of his project, and what can be abandoned.

Hostgator is another web hosting with data centers in the USA, which, thanks to participation in the international association of hosters and the use of CDN, provides high–quality services around the world. The possibilities for webmasters are standard: virtual hosting on Linux and Windows, VPS, rental of a dedicated server.
There is a reseller web hosting on Linux and Windows that allows users to resell Hostgator resources. You can also register a domain in popular geographical and thematic zones on the hosting. Among them there is a zone RU, but there is no RF.

For virtual hosting and VPS, the provider suggests using the cPanel panel. You can install cPanel or Plesk on a managed dedicated server. The provider provides protection against DDoS attacks and a firewall - these tools are available on all tariffs. On a virtual web hosting, SSL is attached as a gift. When ordering hosting, you can purchase an antivirus and a malware scanner, as well as a backup management tool. To solve technical issues, there is support via tickets and by phone. Support in Russian works on weekdays from 9.30 to 18.30 Moscow time.


Excellent indicators of uninterrupted operation. According to independent tests, Hostgator servers are available 99.99% of the time. Rare failures are quickly eliminated.
High speed of site loading and content delivery, including through the use of the CDN network.
Free transfer of web projects from other web hosting sites.
Round-the-clock support service, a large knowledge base and an active user forum.

Hosting has implicit restrictions. When the set load limit is reached, the webmaster receives a warning about the need to reduce the load or switch to a more powerful tariff. There is also a list of prohibited software — for example, torrents cannot be placed on a virtual web  hosting.
When the tariff is extended, the cost becomes higher than it was at the initial purchase.
The company's servers are located in the USA, CDN is used for fast transfer of content to other regions of the world.

Shared web hosting – from 2.74 USD/month (for 1 site with unlimited disk space and traffic), for an unlimited number of sites – from 3.5 USD/ month.
Special rates for WordPress – from 5.93 USD/month (1 site, up to 100 thousand visitors per month, guaranteed 99.9% uptime).
VPS servers – from 19.91 USD/month.
Dedicated servers – from 89.97 USD/month.
Cloud hosting – from 4.92 USD/month.
Windows web hosting – from 4.78 USD/month.