Hosting stub page. Legality of the situation

Started by vikov, Aug 01, 2022, 03:04 AM

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I will not name which hosting provider. I will describe the situation.

I left one hosting. Accordingly, I registered the hosting provider's DNS, where I went. There are many sites. Attendance 25,000 unique in total.
And I see this picture:
On all my sites, instead of their content, a stub of the hosting from which I am leaving appears.

Those. instead of all the pages, wherever the visitor goes, he sees the links "Go to our Hosting, it is the most reliable" ... In that spirit. And some more information like "You see this page because DNS ..." Well, it's clear that this means nothing to the average user. He understands that he is advertised by some kind of hosting.
But it all happens on my sites!

I am writing to this hosting. Please remove this stub ad. He answered: wait 72 hours, it will disappear by itself.
But, my friends, this is advertising! Advertising costs money.

In short, I corresponded with them all day, and they did not remove their stub-advertising.
A bunch of users wrote to me that they see this ad instead of my websites.
I am outraged.
We forwarded the question to their management.
Their answer:
QuoteThat's right, the stub displays a webpage with information about us. And this was done on purpose, in order to protect users from domain theft. Very often there are situations when, after deleting a service and a record about domains from our name servers, the domain hangs for some time what is called "nowhere", such domains are looking for various bots with the fraudulent goal of linking the domain to some "fraudulent" server and using for your purposes.
To protect such domains from such theft, we hang our stub on them until the domain is hosted by another host and the global dns cache is updated.
Regarding - the information in the stub about us - yes, it is there, since we are the former hosting of the domain. These are well-founded actions.
Regarding your desire to file a complaint about this somewhere, I repeat - this is your right. There are no violations on our part.

Please tell me your opinion. Either I don't understand something, or they used me as a platform for  advertising.
I demand money from them for moral damages and for their successful advertising campaign on my websites.
They insist that they kind of saved my domain from scammers. That it was vital to show this stub ad. Without it, attackers would have used my domain.


You can request money from them in court, as far as I understand. Support and / or even the director personally - it is unlikely that you will be paid anything.

I don't know why transferring domains at all... for me personally, all domains are with one registrar, all kinds of hosting (servers, VPS, etc. rubbish) - with another (others). The website transfer in our case looks like this:
0. We leave the websites in the same place where they already are, until they are completely moved
1. If necessary, transfer the DB to a new server (hosting, etc.), load it and set up a connection to the database on the new host (this is for data safety and integrity)
2. We deploy websites on a new host, check that they work
3. We interrupt the DNS records to the new server
4. We wait up to 2-3 days until the DNS is completely updated
5. After waiting for the DNS update, we remove the sites from their original place, simultaneously transferring the rest of the data, if any

The maximum "downtime" in this mode, associated with the transfer of, for example, some newly downloaded files, etc. usually no more than 25 minutes, and when setting up synchronization, it is reduced to almost 0. The total number of potential problems is not large.

Where, why and why in your case some "stubs" materialized - I personally do not quite understand, but I doubt that the hosting provider (your former one) violated something.