How to use "Radmin"?

Started by Alexander_Katowice, Oct 25, 2022, 06:54 AM

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Alexander_KatowiceTopic starter

Hi guys! Maybe someone uses Ā«RadminĀ»? Can anyone explain how a dedicated server works there? I tried to change the IP address, but the server is not displayed on other devices, despite all my futile attempts.


For Radmin Server to work, first of all, you need to configure access rights, without which it will be impossible to connect to a remote PC.
You can choose from Radmin's own security system, as well as Windows NT, which is convenient to use in a corporate network. In addition to the proposed security systems, it is possible to apply additional methods of protection. Among the security options there are: port change, intelligent protection, IP filtering and much more.

If the system administrator in the office has to install software on a large number of computers, he needs to pre-configure the Radmin Activation Server utility.
By installing it, you can easily install it on all devices on the network remotely.